Huawei Bootloader code is available again. Really tested!


Temporary orders do not accept! Has issue with service again. If you want to order a code - contact me.

The code costs 41 USD. We accept payment on PayPal.
The official deadlines are 1-3 business days, but the code can come both earlier and later.


All codes are 100% working - the supplier does not accept any evidence.
The code is 100% suitable if:

  • The phone has native software and region(not rebrand)
  • The motheboard did not change

No one knows how long the service will work, so - if suddenly the code does not come - I will make a refund to your Paypal account (transfer fee 5%)

How to order and pay:

  1. Pay to my PayPal -
  2. Send me information: IMEI 1, Model

Send order information here: Viber / WhatsApp  +375259922564 or

How to pay:

  • Pay to my PayPal and send me information: IMEI 1, Model. My PayPal:


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